Laptop screen size/text is now stretched after playing Sims 3?

Answer SIMS3 has reset your graphics adapter and changed your desktop resolution.Right click your desktop, hit personalise and then display settings (as you correctly guessed, that's where resolution sett... Read More »

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What is a good laptop for playing the Sims 3 (Max £350- £400)?

I would go for the Samsung 355V5C. It comes with 6gb ram as well as AMD Radeonâ„¢ Graphics so it will play the sims well. It also has a HDMI output so you can plug it into your TV to play the sims ... Read More »

My friends laptop freezes after the title screen?

it did me !!!!!!! was the RAM. in your case may be ram memory, super-heating of the processor or source of energy with defect. I have a great suggestion ..... tries this blog, I found the solution ... Read More »

Laptop screen not working after being replaced?

Try Fn + F5 or F6 whichever has the 2 x screens on the key, looks like the screen hasn't reverted back to the notebook screen and is still outing from the VGA, the screen is as confused as the expl... Read More »

Why doesn't my screen come back on after laptop has restarted?

Its probably your led or lcd screen its must have a problem. Go to this website if you own a dell laptop