Laptops wireless takes forever to connect to the internet.?

Answer Reset the WiFi or its settings... Or make sure to reset the driver.Good luck!

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Is it possible to connect to xbox live through my laptops wireless internet conection?

Maybe you can try connecting the Xbox to your laptop via ad-hoc wireless connection. Its free and you don't need to burn $60 bucks on a wifi adapter.instructions after the jump: Read More »

How do wireless laptops work/connect?

its uses the wireless adapter inside the laptopits kinda the same as having a wired connection.that uses the network card in the computer for the connection.a wireless connection uses the wireless ... Read More »

Can a wireless router connect to two laptops at one time?

Yes a wireless router can connect multiple devices to the network at a time. The reason is that each device uses a unique IP address to connect to the router, so the router knows which machine is ... Read More »

Hi am i able to connect to the internet on my phone by using my laptops internet?

You will want to study up on tethering. It's a great way to share internet between devices.