Last night i had a witheld call they said they where from facebook?

Answer You did exactly the right thing. I doubt that Facebook would contact anyone directly by phone unless you had previously arranged it with them.Better safe than sorry anyway.

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I had a second interview for Ford yesterday and they said they were deciding last night should i ring them?

No, don't contact them by phone. If you have the email address of the interviewer send a thank you note saying how much you enjoyed meeting him/her and summerize why you would be a good fit for th... Read More »

They said they would throw it in for free and now they want me to pay for it where do i stand?

It sounds as though the salesperson has sized you up as a mug.Tell them,in no uncertain terms,that they will be sued for misrepresentation,amongst other things,You must get a solicitor on this,they... Read More »

A537 Cat and Fiddle road, where did they get the name from why do they call it the cat and fiddle?

Motorists on the A537 in the Peak District are 30 times more likely to be killed than if they were on a motorway.Named the Cat and Fiddle after a pub at its highest point, the road from Macclesfiel... Read More »

I had a phone interview and they said the would call me in 2-3 days but the didn't shall I call or not?

If you are really keen on the job, then yes you should call to get a confirmation of how the interview went :)But please be prepared for a disappointing answer, since they probably haven't called b... Read More »