Last seen time on whats app not showing ?

Answer i think he log out of facebook

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I own a mitsubishi carisma. The MPG is showing 30.3. When I bought the car it was 36 MPG. Whats wrong Please?

Your driving style is different to the last owner. I'm guessing you do a lot more town miles or are prone to putting your foot down a bit. Either one will MAJORLY affect the mileage.As for the runn... Read More »

Every time i play a video on youtube its always stopping all the time whats the problem?

Mine does that too, maybe it's a problem with UTube?

Is there a version of google maps that can go back in time showing what it looked like in the past 1950s?

No, because of this: We weren't taking satellite pictures then like we are now. There aren't enough consistent pictures from back then to patch together into an earth like Google has managed to do ... Read More »

Whats the best first time car?