Lets list stuff that dont work with Vista?

Answer I was going to join in until I realsied that I have to be at work in about four hours so I really would not have time to make a comprehensive list. So far I cannot watch my USB TV, my printer does... Read More »

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I wana delet some of my stuff on my computer like games but dont work?

My brother died and i have his laptop how can i work his password out dont want to lose his stuff?

Just starting thinking of what he may have used his password as, important dates, people in his life and so on.

Website that lets you sell stuff? is a very popular site for free selling of your product ,You can also go through will not be charged even a single pence and you will get the b... Read More »

On facebook i said lets play secret santa - i said 10 max people can play - no one has replied dont they like?

That doesnt mean they dont like you!! It just means that they dont know how to play or maybe the dont want to because they dont know anyone else on your FB. I would of played but they are all stran... Read More »