Level 2 - well wot for?

Answer OK - what kind of party would you like?

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Word association.... What do you say to " well,well,well "?

Well well well what`s going on here then....

If the Fermi level is the highest energy level used by an electron, how can electrons shift to conduction levels that are at energies above the Fermi level — PH?

The Fermi level is the highest energy level occupied when all the electrons have as little energy as possible. That situation occurs only when all the electrons are paired two to a level and the le... Read More »

A Level Maths question, as a private candidate can you do any three units per a/s level and a/2 or do you have?

You have to do C1, C2 and one from C3, M1, S1 or D1 for AS Maths.For A level Maths you have to do C1-4 and then 2 from M1, D1 and S1 or M1&M2, S1&S2 or D1&D2.

Level 4 and above - how long did it take you to get to your level Has it been worth it?

I've been on here for about four months now, but I only answer questions in my spare time. yeah I'd say it has been worth it because its a way of helping people out when they need a good answer. An... Read More »