Level 2 - well wot for?

Answer OK - what kind of party would you like?

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If the Fermi level is the highest energy level used by an electron, how can electrons shift to conduction levels that are at energies above the Fermi level — PH?

The Fermi level is the highest energy level occupied when all the electrons have as little energy as possible. That situation occurs only when all the electrons are paired two to a level and the le... Read More »

A-level or BTEC level 3 extended diploma health and social care for childrens nursing?

Each university has it's own requirements. You need to contact each uni and ask them.

Naric has confirmed my qualification same level as NVQ level 5 so do I have better chance getting jobs at UK?

Slightly, but it will still be extremely difficult given the state of the jobs market

A Level Maths question, as a private candidate can you do any three units per a/s level and a/2 or do you have?

You have to do C1, C2 and one from C3, M1, S1 or D1 for AS Maths.For A level Maths you have to do C1-4 and then 2 from M1, D1 and S1 or M1&M2, S1&S2 or D1&D2.