Light is faster than the electrical signals?

Answer yes

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You insist over and over again that it is impossible to go faster than the speed of light. This is completely and entirely untrue. Tachyons travel faster than light. They also go faster as they exert less and less energy. — K?

I'm afraid that you confuse the hypothetical with the actual. While people have hypothesized about superluminal particles called tachyons, they have never been observed and probably don't exist. Th... Read More »

Signal light on the right flashes at a faster rate than the left!?

Check all your lights are working. I would think a bulb has gone in one of your indicatorsGet a friend to watch as you indicate left right brake and hazard flash, you can do it in parkGood luck

If you were at the back of a bus going the speed of light, and you were to run toward the front, would you be moving faster than the speed of light or turn into energy — TM, Ft. Bragg, NC?

First, your bus can't be going at the speed of light because massive objects are strictly forbidden from traveling at that speed. Even to being traveling near the speed of light would require a fan... Read More »

I think that the speed of light could be broken by turning a very long lever. If the lever is long enough and you have enough power to turn it, the end of the lever will travel faster than the speed of light. Is this so — NL, Hong Kong?

I'm afraid that this technique won't work—the torque you would have to exert on the lever to make its end approach the speed of light would become infinite and the energy you would have to transf... Read More »