Limewire help!!?

Answer make sure you only download from t3. thats broadband.

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Limewire Help?

Adjust the settings in your firewall to allow access from Limewire (I forget the port now, it should do it automatically though).Failing that, you might have to turn off your firewall altogether if... Read More »

Limewire help pls?

You probably have your sharing folder on where anyone who has access to the rouer can access your files and look at them, even delete them. Also if the router is not secured do that now for safety ... Read More »

How d i import songs from limewire to limewire on a different user account?

Why have you changed your name?? took me and me silly mind ages to realise it was you!

Limewire help anyone?

Up on the top tabs where (search) is, there will be library. On the side, look for SAVED FILESclick on the songs you downloaded and click ENQUEUEthen when they appear on the bottom click each one a... Read More »