Limewire vs ares lite what is the best music download site?

Answer I use nothing more than limewire, i get a 6700 kb song in 34 sec, at download spike of 245.9 kbs a sec , I can get more but i trust lime as far as network security, look for patterns, like files w... Read More »

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Is there another free music download apart from limewire, becouse limewire seems to send virus etc?

Limewire never "sent" it you, you asked for it.No matter what you use, there will always be viruses everywhere. Best way to avoid them is that you don't download things that don't match their file ... Read More »

How do i find limewire download site?

Where can I download endless free music on the INTERNET and don't say limewire...?

What is the best program to download music only used limewire but its slowly getting worse?

I got limewire pro from the zip file in programs. pro works much better. I just got 6 R&B tunes there in 5 mins.