Limited or no connection can anyone help tell me what this is?

Answer That usually pops up when you're not getting an IP address.

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Can anyone tell me what the hell is this about Bebo help?

Your problem is that you're using 'Vista"--EVERYONE I know that uses it has had problems of some might be better off asking this in "Computers"

My internet connection is "limited" on my laptop, help please?

When you connect to the wireless network, you get the IP dynamically. You don't have to enter the IP details and the DHCP server in the Wireless device give the IP automatically.There are few cases... Read More »

Can anyone please tell me what 'Local Area Connection 2' means?

Nothing to do with hackers or your ISP. Your machine obviously has decided that you have two ways of connecting to your local area network (the group of devices that connect to your router), and is... Read More »

My wireless connection says i have a good signal strength but theres is very limited or no

suggest wireless interference particularly near white goods (fridge, freezer, microwave etc) try changing channels on both the router and the receiver. You have probably tried this already, but tha... Read More »