Linux, Windows, or Mac?

Answer For gaming there is XPFor everything else there is LinuxWhy Linux is Better are some options for installing or trying out LinuxOption One (Full installation)I th... Read More »

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Does anyone use Linux Ubantu is it the best Linux operating system And Windows 7 or Windows 8?

Ok, you shouldnt bother with windows 8, it is a mess at the moment.Windows 7 is like xp, it's a solid os, unlike your current vista.I would go with windows 7, skip 8 and wait for windows 9 or whate... Read More »

Why are some Linux users saying easy to use Linux is not proper Linux?

As they are elitist snobs.They say that only difficult OS's are real Linux and sneer at distros like Ubuntu which are easy. They seem to think that they are the true keepers of the bright flame of ... Read More »

Change linux to windows xp?

Too little info, too obscure. Just go buy a windows cd as that's what you want anyway.

Would you buy a Windows / Linux PC?

No, I'd build an OS-less PC myself and sort it out myself.