Answer Love it. My mum used to soak it in milk, no idea why. Has to be lambs liver. Lambs liver, fried with onions to make the gravy. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Don't fry it too long or it goes tough. I'm surprised i... Read More »

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What's the best method to remove liver spots because lately I've become one big liver spot?

Hi. Civant Meladerm will fade liver spots. Its a gradual skin lightener which evens skin tone. It'll get rid of those marks within a few weeks. I've used it to fade some scars that I had and it wor... Read More »

How Do I Use Cod Liver Oil for Acne?

Many doctors and health experts recommend ingesting small doses of cod liver oil each day as a way to prevent and clear up acne breakouts. Cod liver oil is a nutritional supplement, which means th... Read More »

Bad Liver Symptoms?

Your liver plays a vital role in your overall well being. It helps digest food and nutrients and filters your blood to remove medications, alcohol and toxins. It stores glucose, creates clotting fa... Read More »

How do You Cook Liver?

You can cook liver in a variety of ways, you just need to find a recipe that sounds delicious to you. For ideas, please visit