Load balanced internet with 1 download ?

Answer I say you are right. Load balancing is just that, distribute the load as it increases. Load balancing is not load combining...One connection will use one ISP "pipe" at a time, because you have a sp... Read More »

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Can i download yahoo with no internet connection?

Are you retarded? Exactly what part of "download" and "no internet" is confusing to you? If you are not connected to the Internet, where excactly does it come from? The magic pixies in your cupboard?

How Do I Download Drivers for My Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop With No Internet Access?

If you have just set up Internet access on your Dell Inspiron 1525 via a Wi-Fi card or cable you are going to need the proper drivers installed on your computer. The driver is what allows the Inter... Read More »

How to Download Faster Using Internet Download Manager?

Internet Download Manager is a program that handles file downloads made through a Web browser and may increase the rate at which your computer can download certain files. When Internet Download Man... Read More »

I download one or two films from the internet ,However some of them only play with a narrow screen ?

It's widescreen format and is pretty standard now as most people have widescreen monitors or TV's. It's actually not a narrow screen as that's what the format is for a movie theatre.