Looking for computer user by number,,80?

Answer Even though it's not possible to find whose computer is this, you can surely try the following website to find almost all the details about location, ISP provider etc. Read More »

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I want to access my computer from another computer, how do i do that as i have to input user name & password?

I'll assume you are talking about Windows. Here's the walk through for XP. Right click on your "My Computer" icon. Click on properties.Click on the remote tab. Select the second box down, make ... Read More »

Can another user from another computer see what you are browsing?

Indeed, it is possible. There are several methods.Without doing anything special, the router probably has a logging feature that lets the administrator see all incoming and outgoing requests.You c... Read More »

Does anyone know how to change a user name on the computer?

I'm not sure if the following will work, but I think it might work.Click on the Start Menu, then click on Run.In the Run dialog box, type the following piece of text, then press Enter:control userp... Read More »

How can i delete a user account on my computer?

When you go into the User Account in the Control Panelfind the account you want to delete and select Delete.**Warning** It will ask you if you want to MOVE ALL the filesassociated with that account... Read More »