Looking for jobs class 1 or 2 driving?


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What would you class this on a driving test?

I would say it was a major and would be a fail.

Is it a good time to get my class 2 driving licence?

The H.G.V. Class 1, 2 and 3 licences ceased to exist in June 1990, so unfortunately, you are 22 years too late to get an H.G.V. Class 2 licence.However, you can obtain either a Category C1 licence ... Read More »

I got a 3rd class degree, but should i apply for jobs which require a 2:1 ?

If the advert asks for a 2:1, I wouldn't waste your time.If you are a recent graduate and don't put it one then it just draws attention to the fact that you haven't put it on. (And there can only b... Read More »

Middle class jobs are trickling back to Indonesian?

Yes they are, there are more and more indonesian gradutes worldwide looking forward for economic growth in indonesia. Indonesia prospect is potential. With lower salary.