Looking to find out what is the longest range wireless router thats availible on the market, need 900m ?

Answer You won't be able to get a normal wireless router to do this, as it would breach the law. There are transmission power limits for standard wireless devices due to their nature of being for local ar... Read More »

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I have a wireless laptop is it possible to log onto another wireless router in range?

Well wireless comes with the range of 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, look at your computer manual which wireless computer WIFI technology you are having or consult your vendor and the WIFI model of you... Read More »

Wireless router what is the range for a laptop?

for best result use in the area of 100sqmtr. It also depends on your wireless router renge. Some wireless router can hav more renge also

How Can I Extend The Range Of My Wireless Router...?

you can get a better antenna for your router, or you can go and get a repeater, which acts like an antenna and just keeps repeating the singal.

Netgear Wireless Router Range - Low Signal?

Well, you can use a parabolic reflector which you stick on top of the ariel, and there are free templates on google and make them!