MY computer wont allow me access?

Answer Try to use administrator, here is the way :1. Boot using Hirens Boot CD (read on http://60-thip.com2. If there isn't CD/DVD drive, use flash disk contain Hirens Ver.10 (http://60-thip.com3. Select ... Read More »

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My laptop wont allow me to access the internet although it shows as being connected through my wi-fi?

Unplug the router.. Wait 10Seconds then plug it back in.

My computer wont let me access my mouse settings, what do I do?

Click run as Administrator and if that doesn't work ask your parents or whoever is the administrator to go on it and sort it outGo on start menu and then go on your pictureGo on 'Change Account Typ... Read More »

How to Allow Hotmail to Access the Clipboard?

If you want to cut, copy and paste text between the Windows Live Hotmail Web-based e-mail service and programs on your computer, then Hotmail might occasionally need to access your computer's Clipb... Read More »

My boss wont allow me to have a break...?

Margaret is the only one correct. DirecGov-- Breaks. you are entitled to a 20 minute break unpaid or paid in each 6 hour shift. The 4 hours are for young workers. Check the site.UK