MacBook Pro picking up previous searches?

Answer It isn't the computer, it's google that is keeping track of your searches.

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Macbook question - how do I delete the list of previous searches done on google?

Click the downward arrow beside the magnifying glass and press clear searches.

When I type something in on Google, how can I stop it from remembering previous searches I've done on it?

Settings on the tool bar > Features > Search box settings > Uncheck save search history.I hope you see the right answer way down here past all the wrong ones.

How do i stop previous searches showing in google when i type in the search bar?

best way,click on toolsclick on internet optionsclick delete click delete history:::::::::here you can also delete temp files and cookies..

How do I delete the list of previous searches i've made in the Google search bar?

Tools/ Internet Options/ Delete AllThen, in the settings next to delete all, you can set it to delete everything after you close Explorer