MacBook air 2012 or 2011 model?

Answer Spend a little more. There is a processor bump, a USB upgrade, and better graphics. Good luck!

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Should I buy a macbook air 2011 model or 2012 model?

Your computer is only as fast as the slowest part in it. I think id get the older model, but it all depends on the pricing!

Tax office asked for p45 4 years ago or they carnt assess my tax refund for 2010-2011 and 2011-2012?

You are confused. HMRC have all your tax details. A P45 is only of use for the past year.Phone them up and ask for the proper information.UK

Why is the screen of my 2006 macbook not as bright as the 2011 macbook?

Screen development but also battery development has enabled laptop manufacturers to amp up the power consumption a bit.

What would I get a MacBook Pro (mid-2012) 8gb ram, 750 gb, dual core i7 2.9 ghz or the MacBook Air ?

getting an apple product is just for the looks, they are very good but just because of the name they sell for more.other brands of laptops sell for cheaper prices with better specs!a quad core lapt... Read More »