Mains Ethernet to Wireless?

Answer You can get a 'Homeplug' compatible mains ethernet unit with a WiFi access point built in.See the link below.

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Need advice on ethernet-over-mains?

Here is a range of different types.…According to the bumf at the bottom of the page it doesn't mentionthat they have to be on the same ring main.

Laptop plugged into the mains ... never gone 'wireless'?

I let mine warm up first auntie jane. its getting older so its best. if you buy a new one there very fast. is your hardrive full. you can press My computer and look at properties. at the bottom rig... Read More »

Can I turn my modem and wireless router off at the mains each night?

I turn mine off overnight, and I have Virgin, with the Netgear router too! I flick it on before I turn my 'puter on, and, by the time the 'puter has booted up, the Broadband is up and running.It's ... Read More »

How to extend a wireless router mains lead without a traditional thick extension cord?

I'm assuming you have DSL - that's the only reason you should be using RJ11 and telephone wire. A long extension shouldn't cause speed drops. You're probably already thousands of feet from the ce... Read More »