Make more space on recovery diisc?

Answer Delete old system images/backups.

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Hard drive full, no more space! Need space, where is the hidden partition?

download TREESIZE FREE this will tell you exactly what is using all the space on the drive (as already said - theres a good chance its the recycle bin - so empty that before you do anything.)(and ... Read More »

How can I make more memory space on my computer.?

There are several of those type of programs that you can try at People rate the programs so you have an idea of how good they are. Some are free, some are free trials and others c... Read More »

How can I make more space on my hard drive without deleting anything?

Go start -> accessories -> system tools -> Disk CleanupIt will perform a scan which may take a while...Here are a few things you can delete safely and I really don't think you will miss:Downloaded ... Read More »

My pc has low recovery disk space?

Hello,1) I would start with a Disk Clean Up.2) Delete/remove any old Recovery Points.3) Defragment your Hard Drive.4) Remove any old unused Programs.