Making Loose Chair Covers?

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How to Make Loose Chair Covers?

Chair covers generally fall into two categories: loose and fitted. Loose chair covers don't conform to the structural dimensions of chairs tightly, making them easy to remove for washing. Their inh... Read More »

My Dining Room Chair Covers Are Loose?

Using fabric chair covers is an inexpensive solution to update the look of your dining room decor, and save wear and tear on your dining chairs. Over time, however, the fabric covers can pull and s... Read More »

Making Arm Chair Covers?

To save the wear and tear on armchairs, it is often helpful to create covers for the armrests and the back of the chair. These can be made using a variety of stitches or by a simple garter stitch.

Making Folding Chair Covers?

Make holiday covers for folding chairs that will brighten up any party and keep guests comfortable. Folding chairs are lifesavers for a host with a big guest list and a small space. Haul them out f... Read More »