Marjan amirshaghaghi in face book?

Answer You need to explain more

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Does anyone else hate this about face book?

you can actually but you have to download one of the apps.

face book query?

Click on their name. On the top right it will have 'friends' and a tick neck to it. Click on the and at the bottom it says 'unfriend' Click on *that http://www.facebook.c...query=delete+a+friend Ye... Read More »

Should face book be removed?

Yes. It is not a "solid" way to communicate. Before "facebook" came out, we had email and telephone. We do not need facebook. And also, it doesn't matter what privacy settings you use, NOTHING on f... Read More »

A question about face book?

click the little chat box on the bottom right corner of the page. then click options. then click go offline. you can leave it like that too for however long you want and they wont know you are onli... Read More »