Master socket Faceplate Sky broadband?

Answer Well I do not know how you have lose managed to lose the faceplate. It will be owned by BT as Sky are a parasitic company who own no local networks at all. There is no such thing as a Sky socket. ... Read More »

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Replacing a plastic light switch faceplate with a metal faceplate, with no earth wire!?

Most backing boxes also have an earth terminal.The earth wires are probably long enough to fit to that, if so you can add a separate (earth sleeved sleeved) link wire from that to the earth on the ... Read More »

What Is a Master Socket?

A master socket is a panel at the point where the telephone company's wiring enters the wall. On one side of the socket, the wiring is the phone company's responsibility, and it must pay for any ne... Read More »

Will british telecom give me a new master socket?

It will all depend on how nice you are to the engineer who comes around to replace it. If you let him in with a smile, explain to him that you only bought the house a couple of months ago and that... Read More »

What Is a Faceplate?

The faceplate refers to a little dressing up of the modern cellphone. Most cellphones aren’t exciting fashion statements, but for a few extra dollars a faceplate can change that in minutes. Facep... Read More »