Maths for computing -particular areas is it really critical to be good at?

Answer Most computer programming is done on logical evaluations that either return true or false, so solving logic problems is a good section of maths to concentrate on.simple program showing basic logica... Read More »

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What do the terms critical, sub-critical and super-critical mass really mean — JG, Bateman, Australia?

Critical, sub-critical, and super-critical mass all refer to the chain reactions that occur in fissionable material—a material in which nuclei can shatter or "fission" when struck by a passing ne... Read More »

What are some good careers to get into if you are really bad at maths?

So was I, really bad, but I have owned 3 businesses. Today we have tills, computers, calculators and Accountants. if all else fails we can count on our fingers and toes.Stop stressing.UK

How do you determine the critical mass of a particular radioactive element or isotope - F, United Kingdom?

This questions asks how you can predict the amount of a fissionable nuclear fuel you must assemble in order for that fuel to experience self-sustaining nuclear fission chain reactions. A self-susta... Read More »

I love maths and computing, what careers would be suitable for me?

you can be a software engineer. they have to learn many codes and write programs on a computer. it's great fun. with your interest in maths and computing, you can also take mechanical or aerospace ... Read More »