Me and my civil husdband on the same adress?

Answer The legal position is that the householder (your stepdad) can choose whether or not he wants your partner living in his home. Not clear from the question whether you are in a formal civil partnersh... Read More »

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I am a civil engineering graduate. I am looking for Entry level/trainee/junior levels jobs in civil engineerin?

Nobody looks forward to the notion of hunting for a job, and the majority of us need all the help we can get. After being jobless during the last couple of weeks I secured a fantastic job after ch... Read More »

Can someone explain what is meant by the civil service and being a civil servant?

A civil servant, basically, is a person employed by government who is not in the forces. Lollipop Lady to Governor of the bank of England. Take your pick.

What is d difference b/w & B.E(civil)from above which is d most valuable one & which one s d mo?

I think both are same. B.E we use only in India, in other countries known as B.Tech. B.S etc.

What does it mean when someone has the same IP adress as you?

Control Panel - 'click' Network & Internet - then 'click' view Network Status & Tasks - The 'click' Trouble Shoot Problems.You can also read more information using Help and Support on your PC.It ... Read More »