Minecraft Bukkit Server says: / lost connection?

Answer maybe use hamachi:1) Download A Program Called Hamachi2) Download Minecraft Server.exe From (do not need a account to download)3) Drag .exe To a Folder where you want to run server, d... Read More »

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Please help with commands on my minecraft bukkit server?

/fly [player [on|off]]Instructions: When you type this command, your client will be informed it is allowed to use creative mode fly.To start flying simply use the same controls (double tab jump).P... Read More »

Minecraft bukkit server creative help!?…with notepad++its very easy to set permissions.----------------as far as stetting permissions for multiple words.i would try using this website here.https... Read More »

On my minecraft bukkit server, world edit only alows me to use!!?

Stop your server /stopGot to plugins folderdelete worldedit.jargot to>Get plugins>search>World editdownload itput it in plugins folderstart your server

How do i stop people from griefing on a normal minecraft server. (non-bukkit)?

go into the folder you put your server in> open the Server Properties text document>then where it says spawn-protection=16 that means that its ungreifable for 16 blocks away from spawn, so change t... Read More »