Minecraft, Connection timed out problem?

Answer Theres only 2 reason i think you can get that.:1) You havnt updated your minecraft to the latest update, i think its 1.6.2) The servers you have tried to connect to haven't updated their server.Sin... Read More »

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The connection has timed out. Whats the prob?

I can open it up just fine. maybe you lost your internet connection or maybe their server dropped.

Minecraft Bukkit Server says: / lost connection?

maybe use hamachi:1) Download A Program Called Hamachi2) Download Minecraft Server.exe From (do not need a account to download)3) Drag .exe To a Folder where you want to run server, d... Read More »

Minecraft server problem?

â–º Create A Proper Minecraft Server â—„ (Without Crappy Hamachi)â–º Port Forwarding:You Have to get the Make off the router & Model number then Google them..Example: Netgear Wgr5643 minecraft port... Read More »

BT setting up minecraft server problem?

you will need to check your agreement with BT but the odds are you are not allowed to run your own server and especially a game server as it will impact their service for other customers. They can ... Read More »