Minecraft Log In Help?

Answer Did you get it as a gift? Have you played it before? You'll log into your minecraft account just like you would on minecraft's site. IF it was a gift and you have the activation key, you need to cr... Read More »

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(MINECRAFT) on minecraft how could i feed my wolf?

If it is yours to tame it you can give it bones and to feed it it needs to be raw pork chops to give to your dog.To help me you can check out our channel at : Read More »

How to Get Rid of the Lag in "Minecraft"?

Minecraft is perhaps the best example of a construction oriented sandbox game. It is intended for those who prefer to create a game's content, such as castles, mountains and other virtual structure... Read More »

I can't log into MineCraft?

This happens to me now and then.The first thing i try is going onto and logging in there again. I don't know why but sometimes that works. I also reboot the internet modem. That works... Read More »