Minecraft Tekkit Server problem?

Answer It could be a couple things. First, make sure you are inputting the IP address manually and not copy-pasting (to prevent special characters from sneaking in). Also, some routers will prevent you ... Read More »

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Can anyone give me advice on for a 8-12 player minecraft tekkit server?

If you ever need help building anything or I can just be a member of staff that protects the server I can do that:)I am a HeadBuilder, Admin, Head Mod & Co-Owner on servers that I go on. These are ... Read More »

Minecraft server problem?

â–º Create A Proper Minecraft Server â—„ (Without Crappy Hamachi)â–º Port Forwarding:You Have to get the Make off the router & Model number then Google them..Example: Netgear Wgr5643 minecraft port... Read More »

BT setting up minecraft server problem?

you will need to check your agreement with BT but the odds are you are not allowed to run your own server and especially a game server as it will impact their service for other customers. They can ... Read More »

Can this computer run Minecraft and Tekkit?

Yes, it can. My computer can run minecraft and tekkit, and it's a lower class laptop than the one you're showing here. It can probably play whatever game you put in as long as you set the graphics ... Read More »