Minecraft server names?

Answer Who is making the server and what are their personalities?TheCraftersMineMenMCraft4LifeTheMinersDiggingForPeaceNick'snoodles

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Best way to advertise my Minecraft server and my new Minecraft advertising website.?

How can I stop my MineCraft server lagging when I have a teamspeak server running at the same time?

Minecraft server help plz?

You need a client to stream. E.G Bukkit.You will need to get the ip for the config file. Open up Command Prompt and type "ipconfig /all"Find your WiFi method or Ethernet and look for "IPv4 Address"... Read More »

Help With Minecraft Server!?

Give people this IP address found -> cant connect using your Internal IP ( can connect using.. LocalHost.Also make sure your firewall is allowing peop... Read More »