Modulation techniques?

Answer There are different methods of modulation.Frequency Modulation (FM)Amplitude Modulation (AM)Phase Modulation (PM)There is also Frequency Shift Key (FSK) modulationIn this method the frequency of th... Read More »

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Modulation & Demodulation Techniques for Communication?

Modulation and demodulation are methods of electronic packing and unpacking of data. They can be accomplished through any of various techniques. In all telecommunication networks, data is transmitt... Read More »

What Is Modulation?

Modulation is the means whereby a signal of some type is entered into and carried by an electronic signal carrier. Within the scope of modulation, the type of signal or information that is introdu... Read More »

What Is Amplitude Modulation?

In order for information to be transmitted via radio waves, the information must be somehow embedded into the radio waves. The earliest developed method for embedding information is known as amplit... Read More »

What is Multi-Carrier Modulation?

Multi-carrier modulation or MCM is an approach to data transmission that involves segregating the data into several more or less equal components. The individual components are then routed across ... Read More »