Monitor Randomly Goes Black & Computer Stops Responding?

Answer your computer is custom made. try opening your pc and pushing the RAM sticks in harder and the GPU also. try installing AVAST antivirus and make a system reboot scan of your computer.that's all.

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My computer stops responding?

Can you not use the system recovery in the start menu? and choose a date to go to a time when your computer was working properly?

My computer screen randomly goes black...?

This happened to me , i tested the cable by swapping etc , and in the end it simply got more frequent and died.. Sad to hear this as it seems you may well have the early signs of a duff monitor. TR... Read More »

Mozilla Firefox stops responding?

defrag the harddrive....and see what all is running in the background and turn everything off that you dont need and if that doesnt help...then get Kaspersky antivirus...they have a free 30 day dow... Read More »

My mouse randomly stops working since installing Linux Mint 9?

You should not have installed Linux, Linux is horrible in general.You're probably going to have to find a way to get rid of linux entirely or buy a new laptopI'd say start by buying a new mouse.