Moped statistics in the UK?

Answer Anthonythe best statistical information I have found is the IAM site at -…It is only up to 2006 though.Be very interested in anyone else can come up with... Read More »

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How to de-restrict a 2 stroke moped, its a longjia exactly 49cc moped if that helps.?

Don't bother, you will be lucky if it lasts as it is, de restricting it will make the already fragile engine so unreliable you will be re building it every week.

Want to buy a moped,how much would everything for it cost (moped,equipment,test,inshuran… exc)?

Moped - Depending how new and how many miles it's done as-well as the make, will cost from £400 to £2000 depending on who made itHelmet, gloves ect - £100 or there abbots, again the make dependi... Read More »

Smoking Statistics?

Statistics show that smoking has dangerous health effects for both smokers and nonsmokers. It is the leading cause of preventable disease.

Some shocking statistics - what do you think we should do?

just off the subject, why is everyone on this site now becomming idiots, with stupid answers. i think youve raised a valid point.. there is unfortunatly nothing we can do as individuals, i always b... Read More »