Most product slogans would work well for condoms?

Answer Pringles - once you've popped, you cant stopCadburys caramel - take it easy

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Can you think of any product slogans that would also work for condoms?

Had a little accident at work ?Got yourself into a bit of a mess recently?Stuck among the sheets?Clear-cut-condoms can help.....

Can anyone suggest a few catchy marketing slogans for the Quorn product range?

I'm not going to do your job for you for free, but I did a search in Google for "impact words" and this was the #1 result. It should help you get what you need.

How Do Condoms Work?

Safer sex advocates as well as family planning associations strongly encourage sexually active people to use condoms, a method of barrier protection which is 98% effective at preventing pregnancy, ... Read More »

Can a company market a product as their new concept and then sell a product as a their new product if they learned about the idea, plan for it before from another party?

I read this twice and still can't understand it. Depends on the product and the calibre of the barristers they can employ. It's sometimes worth companies risking actions being brought as the profit... Read More »