Moving to China and next week and I need a vpn service so I can access the internet.?

Answer What all the spammers above and likely below don't tell you is that China has cracked down on VPN's recently. Nothing works well. How long the crackdown lasts and how severe they place the restric... Read More »

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You put like a cloth or flat fabric seat which has 4 loops, one at each corner that 4 separate chains attach to, underneath this person's behind. This all dangles from a medal piece of equipment o... Read More »

Does anyone know any proxys to access facebook in china?

I have several friends in China. They use the Personal VPN to unblock web sites. It is very reliable and encrypts your connection out of country so the censors can't see what you are doing. Some of... Read More »

How to Locate an AOL Internet Service Account to Cancel Service?

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Why can I only access the internet via Google chrome and not Internet explorer?

You say the Chrome is as fast as ever and works totally fine,yet you go on to say you would not fancy switching to it ? Am I missing some-thing ?You should find out why your Internet ecplorer isnt... Read More »