Moving to China and next week and I need a vpn service so I can access the internet.?

Answer What all the spammers above and likely below don't tell you is that China has cracked down on VPN's recently. Nothing works well. How long the crackdown lasts and how severe they place the restric... Read More »

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I am starting a job next week but i need to delay it for 2 weeks for personal reasons what should i tell work?

Tell them to give the job to someone else, because that's what they are going to do anyway.

What do I need to get wireless internet access?

First, check the laptop to see if it has a built-in infrared wireless port. If it does, you don't need any hardware for the laptop. If it doesn't, you need to get a PCMCIA card wireless ethernet ... Read More »

Please! I need to find £3000 by next week or I will lose my home. I live in cumbria,there anyone that can help?

I am not sure if this is something you would consider but have you thought about using a company that specialises in fast house sales. These companies have access to property investors who are able... Read More »

If using a hoist on a service user, where would you be moving them from and moving them to?

You put like a cloth or flat fabric seat which has 4 loops, one at each corner that 4 separate chains attach to, underneath this person's behind. This all dangles from a medal piece of equipment o... Read More »