Must all PCs on Home Network run same OS?

Answer No...but the more homogenized your network is, the less issues you'll have with getting things to work properly. The biggest hassle you'll run into is getting everything to work with a single prin... Read More »

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How to make a network/domain or a thing where more than 1 computer use the same network?

That's basically the commonest setup there is..You need a router that has a NAT (Network Address Translation) firewall and DHCP server.With a typical home broadband box, you have those facilities a... Read More »

Can a pc on network have same ip n mac address as that of another pc on the network?

each nic does have a burnt in mac address. it can be emulated, spoofed, by someone that knows what they are doing but it is not the normal problem. ip address conflicts can cause problems all the... Read More »

A bus must display how many seated and standing passengers it is licensed to carry. Same rules for a train?

If trains carried the same notices as buses they would have to build 100's more ... I would think it breaches every know H&S rule, but still happens

Any good tablets must have a camera must be ULTRA THIN and must have google play store,(under £300) thanks?