My C Drive is Full, D Drive is empty. Can i transfer files to d drive?

Answer Of course you can, why wouldn't you be able to? The D: drive is probably just an empty partition on your main hard disk.Now, don't try to transfer programs from C: to D:, because you'll just break ... Read More »

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My C: drive is about full but then my D: drive is empty?

First check that you have no files that you want to keep of the D drive; if you have, move them to the C drive or to external storage. Then right click Computer and select Manage. In the Window t... Read More »

My c drive is full d drive empty can i use d as c?

Short answer is no, but chances are your C: is full from games, music, and videos. Move/reinstall those to D: You can also redirect your "My Documents" folder to D:\somefoldername

My C Drive is nearly Full, How do I Transfer from one drive to another, Please someone Help Me.?

I don't know how to give one drive's free space to another drive (if that's what you mean), but I'll recommend you might transfer the FILES from C Drive to another drive by cut and pasting. This wi... Read More »

How do i transfer Avi. files from my MAC hard drive to an external hard drive?

Do you have a home network?If yes, when both computers are online you could transfer them via a modem. If you don't why don't you burn DVDs for it. There shouldn't be any format issues as it's an e... Read More »