My Cryptomeria Japonica Is Turning Brown?

Answer Cryptomeria japonica or Japanese cedar is an evergreen conifer with blue green foliage and a mature height of about 60 feet. The tree is cone shaped with peeling, reddish brown bark. A fungal infec... Read More »

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Why Is My English Ivy Turning Brown?

Known by the botanical name Hedera helix, English ivy is an extremely fast-growing, evergreen perennial plant that can be cultivated as a climbing vine or trailing ground cover in United States Dep... Read More »

Why Is My Hedge Turning Brown?

Serving as natural barriers or green walls, hedges are formed when trees or shrubs are planted in a row. The plants liven up the landscape and serve as a focal point that draw the viewer's attentio... Read More »

Why Is My Cactus Turning Brown?

The best way to keep your cactus from turning brown is to ensure that its environment is one that's conducive to growing a healthy plant. Quarantine new plants and inspect them for pests and diseas... Read More »

My Honeysuckle Is Turning Brown?

Honeysuckle is a genus of a variety of ornamental shrubs and vines. Browning of shoots and leaves on honeysuckle is a common symptom of disease or insect infestation. Early identification of the pe... Read More »