My Facebook account has been hacked?

Answer for a start create a new email address then change your facebook account to it with a new password then u can sort out your friends later.

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Would you know if your facebook or email account has been hacked?

You would only know when you can't get into your accountbecause the password has been changed.If some gets into your account and does precisely nothing tothe account except read everything, you wou... Read More »

How to have Facebook account closed after it was hacked?

If a hacker gets into your Facebook account it can feel like a huge invasion of privacy. After all, the average Facebook user has 190 friends, according to a late 2011 report by researchers from Co... Read More »

Someone hacked my cousins Facebook account?

She should contact facebook right away at their help center ( ). Hopefully they can track down the Static IP address of whoever did this and file charges against them... Read More »

My dad has hacked into my facebook account need help! He found out everything about me!?

Put a simple keylogger on his computer if you have access to it . Check it and print out the logs of his activity. You can google keyloggers and many of them offer free trials