My Facebook album section says that 15 albums exist. However, only 12 are visible.. Any reason for this?

Answer i see the same in mine. at first i thought it was me, because i have made other albums before and then deleted them. so i just though fb still thought i had them albums.

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How can i download facebook albums?

Try right-click on the album and choose "Save target as". If it doesn't support you'll have to download one by one.

How can I download Facebook albums from an old Mac?

If its Not Working Make sure your Flash Player is Working Correctly

Facebook create group not visible?

Hey!Are you sure you have put your group as closed? Check again, make sure you set the settings right and you didn't make it completely private. Because that might be the most probable thing to hap... Read More »

My account has been disabled for no reason on Facebook, how do I contact Facebook to unban it?

just make up anothere facebook acount all ya need is anothere diffrent e-mail adress