My Facebook album section says that 15 albums exist. However, only 12 are visible.. Any reason for this?

Answer i see the same in mine. at first i thought it was me, because i have made other albums before and then deleted them. so i just though fb still thought i had them albums.

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In the book section on Water Distribution, there was a question (exercise 5) about a novelty straw. The answer says that the straw can't be taller than 0.5 meters. I thought you could suck liquid up a straw 10 meters tall Why can this straw only be 0?

The question itself said that the straw was only 0.5 meters tall. In the answer I was intending to point out that you can have as much tubing as you like in that straw, because it's only 0.5 meters... Read More »

I have 16 photo albums on facebook and only 5 are showing :o/ how do I get it back to 16?

That happens a lot when FB messes up, it should tart working again soon.

When astronomers study sunspots they occasionally notice that there only seems to be one magnetic pole. But I thought that monopoles didn't exist that we know of. What's going on?

While a sunspot may have only one magnetic pole associated with it, there is sure to be an equal but opposite pole somewhere else in the sun. Probably it's located deep inside the sun or somewhere ... Read More »

Does this Facebook hack exist?

No, the server determines the date which is not accessible to the end user! You can hack an account by guessing the login information or security information but that's the only way beyond using ph... Read More »