My Facebook friends have connected to my contacts list on my phone how do i get rid of them?

Answer Go on 'Phone'Go on 'Contacts'Go on 'Groups' in the top left hand cornerUntick 'All Facebook' :)

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Will friends know I have removed them from the 'close friends' list on facebook?

No.Friend lists are there for you to help you sort out your Facebook friends.People cannot view any of the lists that they are in.All friends can see is Friends (everyone on your friends list) (unl... Read More »

When you reactivate a facebook account, are your friends/contacts still there, or do you have to re-add them?

Yes, they will be. I believe they got into trouble in the UK with this though as it's against Data Protection Rules....Basically if you turn off your account, you're opting out of their service whi... Read More »

Are Hotmail friends list and MSN contact list connected?

Your contact list on Hotmail is separate from your contact list on Windows Live Messenger. If you think your friend blocked you, find a alternate method of communication and ask them.

I have lost all my friends profile pictures on facebook, how do I get them back?

I my self do not have face book but I would speak to my niece's/nephews as the young people are often the ones who know how to do this sort of thing, or perhaps you might have a friend with teenagers?