My IP is still the same after reconnecting?

Answer reconnecting what to what?if you are just reconnecting your pc to the router you could well get the same IP addressthe router just allocates it the next one available, and thats the one you just di... Read More »

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Can my employer stop me to start my own business in the same field in same part of the city after i quit Job?

This is a standard clause in many employment contracts and really it is probably aimed at senior staff.I believe that it is actually hard to enforce though as any clause in an employment contract ... Read More »

My computer freeze even press alt ctrl delt still nothing hapen,checked hard disk but still same please help?

Mine did that recently and I was told it was because there wasn't enough working space left on my PC. I right clicked on explorer and looked at the 'properties' for my C drive and there was no spa... Read More »

Just realised my car is still broken after an accident, will the insurance company still fix it?

You would have had to sign something at the time of the repair to say you agreed all work had been completed satisfactorily.If this is just a small repair then it may not be a problem and the garag... Read More »

After my laptop warranty expires, even one year after it does, can i still renew it?

No you can't. You can only buy extended warranties at the time of you purchasing the laptop.Now that it is two years old and has been "working" no one will insure it now. Any work done on it now wi... Read More »