My ISP has slowed down my connection for over 2 weeks, why?

Answer if your bandwith doesnt go back to normal by the end of the month then phone back up, becuase weve only just gone over our internet connection and it doesnt go back to normal untill 25th of every m... Read More »

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Why has my pc and internet connection recently slowed up?

Hi, this is easy just download a copy of CCleaner ( link ) and run it this will safely delete all your temp files etc for you then Defrag your Hard Drive to get your space bac... Read More »

Been having problems for weeks with my internet connection. At first I thought it was the wireless router.?

Did you configure your modem or WAN connection on your router? It is evident you have connectivity to your router but the internet is only available if you have a working connection to your ISP (In... Read More »

4 Weeks notice can I give 2 weeks and then ask for 2 weeks holiday?

It depends on the employment law in your country.In the UK and Ireland most employment contracts have notice periods longer than the statutory amount.So if by law you have to give 1 week and your c... Read More »

I've Just Walked Out of Work, 2 weeks before my notice runs out. Will i still get paid for the last 3 weeks?

If you are in the UK then you are entitled to be paid all monies earned and all holiday pay earned but not taken. Your employer is not allowed to withhold this money as it would be an unlawful ded... Read More »