My Keyboard is properly fecked, I need help?

Answer OH MY GOD mine does EXACTLY the same thing!!! haha I don't know how to fix it eitherEdit: Thanks man but I got Windows XP SP3 ... oh well I might be getting a laptop soon so it's no biggie

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Need help to sort my keyboard because the@button as shifted to number 2 can anyone help?

It's because your keyboard is set to US rather than UK.Go to Windows Control panel > Regional & Language options > Languages tab > Details > Select English (United kingdom) - United kingdom from dr... Read More »

Help i need help with my keyboard!?

Perhaps you have it set to US. Go into your keyboard on the menu and select UK English. I also had a similar problem when I first got my computer. A lot of computers are set with a particular lang... Read More »

The 'v' key on my keyboard is stuck but I have a feeling that it might be a a virus or a malware. I need help?

first of all check it definately isn't the key itself - pry it off and clean out any crumbs etc underneath.If it is clean and the problem is still there you could try avg's anti-virus software - it... Read More »

My laptops keyboard is not working properly...i have to hold down fn button or it types numbers/?

I'm not sure. I'll ask my brother. My brother knows everything. He said "hold down FN button then press scroll."He's very clever isn't he?