My LAN connect has gone someone help?

Answer Update your drivers for your NIC, if you don't know how to get to drivers type 'mmc devmgmt.msc' into run, if you don't know how to get to run(windows key + r), then you wont know how to work devic... Read More »

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My computer screen has gone a bit weird after my laptop battery died. Can someone give me some help please?

Desktop -> Right Click -> Screen resolution -> Set it to max.

My iphone wont connect to the new iTunes 11 someone please help!!!?

First you have to reset your old settings in Itunes 11.....In the top left corner click the little icon, then click Show Menu Bar.Click on View > Show SidebarClick on View > Show Status Bar.Your sc... Read More »

Im trying to connect my psp to my bt voyager home hub with difficulty. Someone please help!?

The BT Home Hub is a complete piece of c*rap. Just a re-branded speedtouch modem, it's cheap, nasty and unreliable.Had many problems with them and I would recommend getting a different router. Even... Read More »

Could someone please help some advice why the Tom Tom volume is not working, I cannot hear any sound. Thank you. Also is there anyway I can obtain a new charger, mine has gone funny?

you can buy a charger through the TomTom site, or Ebay. I have the car charger, and an old Motorola phone charger which fits nicely!as for the volume, I assume you know how to turn it up and down? ... Read More »