My Minecraft server isn't working help!?

Answer Do you have more than one server? If so DELETE it... That's all I can think of.

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Why isnt my minecraft server working?

You can connect because you are hosting it. Did your friends change the server IP they are trying to connect to, with the one Hamachi is using?Also did you go into and update the IP.

Why isn't this Minecraft server working?

Your mc might be outdated or you internet connections not good currently

Minecraft server help!?

if your going to be putting why don't u just ******* play single player??? is a router number, its the same for everyone.what you are looking for is the number listed in the... Read More »

Minecraft server help plz?

You need a client to stream. E.G Bukkit.You will need to get the ip for the config file. Open up Command Prompt and type "ipconfig /all"Find your WiFi method or Ethernet and look for "IPv4 Address"... Read More »