My PC keeps randomly crashing (mostly while playing games)?

Answer I would try to replace the power supply with a more powerful one. Sometimes this can cause your issues. If you got a buddy with a more powerful one try swapping it out with a known high power worki... Read More »

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Monitor loses signal randomly while playing games?

Advice to you would be to ensure you have downloaded the right drivers for your model as this makes a big difference or try what has been recommended with the cable try moving the cable with your h... Read More »

Games crashing on windows 8 after 15 mins?

GTX260 is old and obsolete, but it should still run your games with no problem.I'm guessing your power supply is crap. That GTX260 requires a minimum of 500W power supply, with 182W card power via ... Read More »

Pc freezing up when playing games?

Yes, 650 watts is probably enough - but - most PSU's don't put out what they say they will, and certainly not on the 12v rail.Besides, you don't say how many fans... so I can't tell for sure.It's ... Read More »

Why does my PC shut down when playing games?

random shutdowns under load almost are always 1 of 2 things.1) overheating2) problem with power deliveryWhich it doesnt seem to be #1, so then its obviously your PSU.And really, your total watts me... Read More »