My PC tower has started to make a loud humming noise,?

Answer First thought is that the power supply is goingOutside of that, I would check the Coolers on the Video and sound cards. Also the CPU cooler might be an issue. If you open the tower and start the ma... Read More »

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Why Does the Tower Make a Loud Roaring Noise?

Whether you hear a whirring noise when you start your computer or you experience a loud roaring noise during usage, the problem is hardware-related. Since you computer is made up of movable parts, ... Read More »

Computer making a loud humming noise?

If it is the cooling fan, it is not the hard-drive itself. And again if it is the cooling fan I would strongly suggest removing and replacing it with a new one. The reason for this is obvious, if t... Read More »

My Honda civic 1.4 08 plate is making a loud humming noise about 3 mins into a journey- why?

could be anything but if its not affecting anything i.e. temp, brakes it should be safe but if your unsure you maybe should ask a neighbour to take you or phone the ambulance if its urgent. Hope he... Read More »

Loud buzzing noise coming from the tower?

may be fan, unplug it for a second or 2 if quiet then thats it get new one. May be power supply stick ear hole against it and liseten if so wack case a few times or buy another or turn up wireles... Read More »