My PC won't burn DVD's?

Answer Try IMGBurn. Also are you sure its burning? It can only "wipe" the dvd if it's DVD-RW media

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How Can I Burn Dvds?

If you want to burn DVDs, then you should first make sure that you have a computer that has a disk drive and is capable of burning discs. Then you will have to download a special burning program, e... Read More »

How to Burn DVDs From FrostWire?

FrostWire is a peer-to-peer file-sharing program that uses the BitTorrent protocol to disassemble large files and then distribute them over the Internet in small pieces. It can be used to share a v... Read More »

Is there anything out there that can burn dvds fast?

Why does my laptop burn DVDs so slowly?

The 'burn speed' setting of your laptop's drive could be set unnecessarily slow (look through your options), or he has a faster burner (also likely).My friends blue-ray burner is the fastest DVD bu... Read More »